International SEO & Local IP Addresses

Geotargeting in Google

In this Webmaster Help video Matt Cutts explains why having a different IP address for each country or language is not required. Let’s read between the lines. Matt is talking about international search engine optimization, specifically whether or not separate sites for different countries or languages ought to be hosted inside the target country, and [...]

Excel: How to Manipulate Data with Formulas

Excel Formulas

Excel is a powerful tool for semi-automated data editing and manipulation. By semi-automated I mean that you have to recognize the patterns, write the formulas then copy and paste them alongside your data in Excel. However, it’s one and done; get the formula right and you can use it over and over again. Here is [...]

Turn Your Business Blog Into a Star

Marketing Funnel

Is your business blog all but dead? Here’s your prescription. Let’s be honest. Most business blogs are boring. They’re desolate wastelands, infrequently read with no one sharing the articles on social media or linking to them. For the marketing teams, such blogs become albatrosses. No one enjoys writing for them. They represent the worst kind [...]

The Importance of Project Planning


Sometimes I feel I’m the last person who should write about project management. When I have a need or get an idea I want to jump right into it and start producing. I perceive anything holding me back as a roadblock. And while that seems like an emotional reaction, I’m naturally intuitive and logical, the [...]

Strategic Content Planning with the Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Last week, in my Search Engine Land article, I wrote about using the Marketing Funnel to plan web content. Here I’m going to expand on this by exploring each level of the funnel. No Two Marketing Funnels are Alike What you see above is a generic model. If you do a Google image search for [...]

The Hardcore Guide to Media Relations


You want authority links from the media, those online news sites with absurdly high domain authority. Let’s learn how this gets done. Do you understand the difference between dropping a social media press release and media relations? I ask because apparently a lot of people think they’re the same thing. So I am going to [...]

Can I Compare Moz Domain Authority Over Time?

The Moz site says, “Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time.” If my Domain Authority goes down, should I be upset? Maybe not. If your SEO competition’s Domain Authority drops too you should be fine, do not freak out. However, if your score drops [...]